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Mental Performance Coaching

Mental performance coaching offers athletes of all ages and their families the opportunity to conquer distractions, pressures, and mental roadblocks in order to show up at their best every single day. Mental skills are built through the use of sports psychology tools and techniques such as self-talk, visualization, goal setting, reframing, mindfulness and/or breathwork. Sports mental training provides athletes with the tools they need to improve concentration and focus. To avoid distractions, deal with constantly changing arousal levels. This in turn will increase the athlete’s confidence, attitude and improve team dynamics as well as intra-team cohesion.


Benjamin Samuel, MA, MBA

I have 26 years of military experience and I am a combat veteran. I'm currently in my last year studying for my Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Sport and Performance Psychology and also working towards my Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) certification. Coupled with my education, I currently hold certifications in USA Triathlon (USAT) coaching Level 1, Paratriathlon Level 2. Specifically, I integrate mental performance skills training and performance enhancement techniques with various populations such as the military, athletes (para & non-para), and coaches at every level.


New Clients

This virtual, 30-minute session with Mental Performance Coach provides an opportunity for me to learn about you and your individual/team goals. I will answer any questions you have about the process and provide the athlete with actions to implement right away. Reserve your spot today and get ready to discover the amazing things that are possible for you! 

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